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February 26, 2020
February Announcements (2020)

Here is what going on at Nonstop VA this February (2020)

February Announcements

As always it is all change at NSV, and as our main aim is to create a Virtual Airline that really feels like a family so we have decided to make some further tweaks to the essentials of the VA

Staff and Department Changes

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To further improve the foundations of NSV, we have decided to make some edits to the Main Department’s here.The first department that has undergone change is the Events Department!

We have decided to tweak how the Events Department is Staffed and to review the effectiveness and popularity of each Event that is produced from External to Internal Events in our Slack Workspace.

The Following Events that we have decided to remove will be announced in our next monthly update

On the Events Department staffing front, each member of the team will undergo a review and if is decided by the Department’s Line Manager and the other BMs, a application will go out to fill that role(s).

The other main department that has had a few smaller tweaks is Flight Management, we have decided to hire the fantastic @unicorn to assist the newly appointed Head of Flight Management @marcelschmidt who has a APTL for the A319 and A320!
Below is a Staff Application for a Executive Board Member Line Managing the HR Department and the postion of Events Manager(s)

Apply for Staff The Team 5

New Website!!


0716197e2e6cfa01190aa39d1bef4a1b69d8e1d1_2_1660x9321660×932 389 KB

Our Graphics Guru and All round handy Board Member @Darpan has developed a new website for us over at NonStop Virtual, to aid the function of our VA Base Crew Centre which continues to be improved by our tech department led by @Capt.SkyWalker

This intuitive and innovative website will further enhance pilots experiences of the Virtual Airlines but just as equally benefit prospective pilots who wish to learn about Nonstop and the family like experience we offer.

Want to check out our New site? Check it out Here 5

New Partnership with SAS Virtual Group


SASV NSV1245×873 247 KB

Nonstop Virtual is excited to announce that we have reached a Codeshare Agreement with SAS Virtual Group, this new agreement will benefit both VAs pilot’s by offering both a realistic Events Series and Real Life Lufthansa - SAS Codeshares.

We look forward to a bright and prosperous future with our new partners Sas Virtual Group!

Check SAS Virtual Group out Here! 1

New Partnership with Thai Virtual Airline

Dynamic Action Sports Youtube Channel Art

Dynamic Action Sports Youtube Channel Art1280×720 603 KB

Today we announce a Second New Codeshare Partner, Thai Virtual.

This exciting new Partnership brings together the Two Virtual Airlines to partake in Joint Events and also further enhancing Nonstop Virtuals reach in Asia whilst mutually benefiting Thai by providing them with some of Lufthansa Group’s most unique routes and scenery,

Check Thai Virtual out Here! 1

On a Final note, @Moonlit has handed over the Baton to @KingWings as the new Lead Board Member after the transition period.

Kameron has some exciting ideas on developing NSV further and we cannot wait for us to show you them!

Special Thanks to @Liam_Kirk and @Mike_Lima_Tango for helping negotiate these exciting new partnerships

By Nonstop Virtual

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